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Drawing Turtorial: my steps

Watch the video (with subs) for more details! Sketch I usually do the sketch in my sketchbook, take a photo with my phone and add it as a new layer.I transform the sketch to fit the canvas in the way I want it to. I often edit parts (Transform) where I see some proportional or […]


Drawing Tutorial Basics

I don’t know if I should call this a tutorial, because it’s more like a description/explanation of what I do and how I do it. First, the Software.I use Clip Studio Paint EX for the drawing, and a little Photoshop at the end for additional effects. Some help for Clip Studio Paint:Please see images for […]


Clip Studio Paint Custom Brush

How to make your own custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint in just a few easy steps. 1: Select your object you want to use as a brush (make sure it has no background). 2: Then register it as a new Image Material. (image)Make sure to select “Use for Brush Tip Shape” in the bottom […]


Lights – Fényeffektek

How to use them – Hogyan használd First, you’ll need an image of some sort of light, with a very black background (see package above). It’ll only work with BLACK background. 1: Open your image in Photoshop.2: Add the Light image as a new layer.3: Set the Blend Mode to Screen on this layer (then […]

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