ClipStudioPaint Custom Brush

How to make your own custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint with just a few easy steps.

I still don’t know how to make the brush colored, and I don’t use this program anymore (I use Procreate on my iPad).

1: Select your object you want to use as a brush (make sure it has no background).
2: Then register it as a new Image Material.

Make sure to select “Use for Brush Tip Shape” in the bottom left corner.

3: Now go to the Decoration tool and create a new brush.
4: Open the Settings (Sub Tool Detail)

Brush Tip: select the image you just added as new material.

If you don’t want your image distorted, set the Thickness to 100(%).
I set the Direction to “Direction of line“, so it’ll follow the line I draw.

In Stroke you can adjust the distance between the shapes.

And our custom brush is ready to use!