Drawing – Basics

Keep in mind this was written over a year ago, I don’t use these programs for drawing anymore (I use my iPad now).

I don’t know if I should call this a tutorial, because it’s more like a description/explanation of what I do and how I do it.

First, the Software.
I use Clip Studio Paint EX for the drawing, and a little Photoshop at the end for additional effects.

Some help for Clip Studio Paint:
Please see images for descriptions on the tools!

1: Basics image instructions
– New Canvas: my settings
– Navigation Window: some useful tools

2: Layers Window image instructions
– Clipping
– New Layer
– New Group
– Merge Down
– Mask
– Delete
– Blending Mode
– Opacity
– Lock

3: Other Useful Things image instructions
– Transform
– Selection: all the things I do with my selections
– Correction Layers: like Adjustments Layers in Photoshop

I only use a few brushes.
I use a brush called Lighter Pencil for the lineart and shading, G-Pen for flat colors and Airbrush for soft shading.

For blending colors I use Blend and Blur. Blend for color dragging and less smooth blending, and Blur for the smooth blending.